We Know Knives.
We Built Our 40‑Year Reputation On It.

Mercer takes its cutlery expertise to the great outdoors with our new Mercer Sport line of knives and accessories.

Fishermen, campers and hunters take note. We understand you demand products that can withstand all the rigors of nature and that perform in extreme conditions. Durability and precision are built into every product we make.

Catch’Em Up

Harvest, prepare and enjoy under the open sky.

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Never A Dull Day Out in Nature

Whether hunting, fishing, or camping our knives are the perfect tool to have at your side.

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Featured Products

Knives poised to tackle rivers, lakes, bays and oceans.


Both tiger and scalloped edge are perfect for cutting through tough skin and breaking down bones.


Perfect flexible blade to create flawless fillets while effortlessly removing flesh from bones.


Keep your knife blades protected. The perfect size to accommodate Mercer Sport Fishing Knives.


Grill: Meet your match. We’ve got the spatulas that are rugged enough to withstand any open-flame challenge.

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The Wild Slice

Prep tool essentials for the gear box are designed to hold up to the elements of the great outdoors and any tasty task.

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Why Mercer Sport

Bob Schmitt

Captain, Sea Rogue Charters
Freeport, New York

Bob Schmitt

“In the world of charter fishing, where every moment counts and the quality of your gear can make or break the experience, Mercer Sport’s fishing knives have proven to be indispensable. With Mercer on board, I am confident, prepared, and ready to tackle whatever the ocean throws my way.”

Tom Claycomb III

“Being an Outdoor Writer, I get to test hundreds of knives every year. Just this past Monday, I received 15 knives to test. So I get to check out a lot of knives for nearly all of the major outdoor companies and have helped design knives for some of them. I recently met the Mercer crew at the big ICAST Show and was soon testing some knives for them. I had my brother Eddy test out the Mercer 8" Tiger Edge Slicer last week on a Louisiana fishing trip. It worked great for filleting their big reds and yellowfin tuna. Here's a link to the Product Review on this knife. Works great for filleting out big thick scaled fish.”

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Mercer Sport™
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